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Perflex P20 Epoxy grout, Easy to use, Fully waterproof, Extremely robust, and will not stain.
Perflex P30 POLYPRO (Outdoors, Pool, Sauna). All the benefits of P20 with the added benefits of extreme temperature and chemical resistance.

Suitable for use on ceramic, porcelain, marble, stone, glass, and other materials.

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Perflex P20 is epoxy grout, applied with a dual cartridge gun, zero mess, zero training required, very little waste to worry about, odourless, extremely robust, scratch proof, no sealing required, completely waterproof, gives a uniform and long-lasting colour, has amazing bonding properties, and will not stain. Suitable for most indoor scenarios.

P30 is polyaspartic grout, Suitable for indoors & outdoors, totally weatherproof and UV resistant. The colour will not fade or yellow for 30 years.

All of the same benefits as P20 and more, use indoors to take advantage of the long-lasting, bright colours, extreme chemical resistance (swimming pools), and high-temperature resistance (Saunas). P30, being polyaspartic, can also operate at extremely low temperatures so is suitable for external use and will not fade or yellow even in direct sunlight somewhere such as Australia.

The sanded finishes contain very fine nanobeads, giving a slightly textured finish.

P30 is a more specialist product, the process is the same as P20 but as it cures faster and does need a little more care, working in smaller sections and some experience using Perflex is recommended.

The grout sets solid and has a superior, smooth finish, will not stain, and is extremely easy to wipe clean, meaning lighter grout colours can be used on floors.

P20 & P30 Suitable for use on ceramic, porcelain, marble, stone, glass, and other materials.

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