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Perflex epoxy & polyaspartic grout was first introduced to the UK in 2020.

We worked closely with the UK's best tilers for around 12 months before making the product more widley available.

It has now proved beyond all doubt that this innovative product is here to stay and has become a favourite of professionals and DIY'ers alike.

Install epoxy grout in a similar way in which you apply silicone.

So simple, no mess, better for your health (no dust or odour), the environment (no waste water, any waste is completely contained, tubes are recyclable) and a far superior grout to standard grout.

P20 Epoxy for most indoor applications, 100% waterproof, extremely robust, consistent colour, will not stain and is easy to clean, no special maintenance products, just wipe clean.

P30 for all indoor and outdoor applications as it can withstand very extreme conditions (outdoors, sauna, swimming pool), very high temperatures, and very low temperatures, and is uneffected by UV for 30+ years even in places such as outdoors in Australia.

A grout that is easier to apply, will not stain, will have a consistent colour, and will last longer.
Too good to be true? Ask the thousands of people who have used the product in the UK via the Facebook page Perflex Tile Grout UK, Facebook trade group Perflex Trade, Instagram @perflexuk, and our TikTok page @perflexuk

Below are a selection of videos from our YouTube playlist, which can be viewed in full here.

Perflex user guide.
Perflex coverage calculator.

Perflex introduction and demonstration

Perflex epoxy glitter is in a league of its own.

Wetroom re-grout, easy.

How to install Perflex cartridge/tube

Perflex on a wetroom floor.

Waterproofness, Strength, and Stain resistance of Perflex.

DIY Re-Grout

P30 used on Stunning bathroom

Perflex Colour chart

No mixing, No buckets, No washing/buffing, No float, No mess, No odour,
Extremely easy and clean.
Superior, durable epoxy finish.
100% waterproof, easy to wipe clean meaning lighter colours can be used on areas with foot traffic.
Anti-mould, anti-bacterial, scratchproof, consistent non-patchy colour.
Amazing bonding properties.
Better for your health (no dust, no odour).
Better for the environment (no waste water, any waste is easily contained, tubes are recyclable).

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How to finish the joints

P20_Box_and_tube_an_nozzle_update_Nov_2022 - JoJa.UK

perflex p20

P20 Epoxy grout, easy to use, no mess, easy to clean, consistent long-lasting colours, no patchiness or fading, extremely robust.


Perflex P30

P30, the ultimate, super-bright colours that will not discolour for 30 years. P30 can withstand much lower and much higher temperatures so can be used in swimming pools, steam rooms, and outdoors and will not discolour even in direct sunlight.

P30_box_and_tube_and_nozzle_blue_update_Nov_2022_1298x1220_2d9ebdeb-5b83-492d-a27f-cc81720229d9 - JoJa.UK


Everything you need to start using Perflex grout, high-quality tools that will last and pay for themselves over time.